Right guys, here is my problem.

I run my guitar into my Toneport UX2, and for my amp modelling I was using Line 6 Pod Farm and it works fine, I plug in and I can hear my guitar.

But I have heard many good things about Guitar Rig and thought I should give it a go, but now here is my problem, my guitar is plugged in as normal, I open up Guitar Rig, but no sound, I have messed around with the Audio and MIDI Config etc. and as far as i know.....it should work!
Weird thing is, I can use it as a VST plug-in for Cubase and It works, but when I just try playing the guitar, no sound.......

So can someone please help!

My Gear

Dean Cadillac

Marshall JVM 205H
2x12 Harley Benton Cab w/V30's