As you can see in my sig I use a Taylor T5, which is a semi-hollow. Since I've been using my Maz 38 and cranking the thing at practices and gigs I've been having feedback problems.

Does the ISP Decimator work with semi-hollows as well as it does with solidbody guitars when it comes to getting rid of feedback? or is my setup pretty much going to plagued by this constantly? None of the stores in my area carry the decimator so I'll have to buy blind offline

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The decimator often removes some feedback from a signal, but that's more a function of the sustain-quashing aspect of the pedal than the noise-removing part.
While it might reduce the feedback a little bit, I wouldn't trust it enough to buy one without trying it.
A few things you can try before resorting to the decimator (The MF return policy might allow you to try the decimator and return it if it doesn't work for you) :
- Get shields on your preamp tubes if you don't have them already;
- If you're using a head + cab, move the head off the top of the cab;
- Turn the tone down a little on your guitar
- Turn your amp around to face the wall, or use a plexiglass shield or any one of the beam-reducing techniques;
- Turn the reverb down;
- Turn the gain down and the volume up.
The post above has some excellent advice, I'd also suggest that if your current EQ is set with a lot of treble and gain to roll back the treble and presence, and compensate by cutting back the bass and mids accordingly, hopefully you'll notice a difference in unwanted noise in your set up, if not, I firmly believe that ISP makes the best noise suppression/cancelling units on the market, so if any unit will cut that unwanted noise, I believe the decimator would be it.

Best of luck in removing the wretched noise that plagues many guitarists rigs.
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i deffinitely dont want to have to cover up the holes in the guitar, but I will try some of the other things mentioned at the next practice and resort to the ISP only if things dont clean up. thanks guys!

Dr. Z Stangray
G&L ASAT Classic (Ron Kirn Custom T-Style coming soon! ronkirn.com)
Keeley 4 Knob Compressor
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Ok I'm just sayin I heard the rythm guitarist in velvet revolver had to do that because of feedback.