Blood swishes in my body as I tilt to the side
searching for food, prodding in every corner
Senses acute, ready to move
at any instance
- my antennae wait
for the signal of life

A foot comes down and
quakes the earth,
so I s o a r
above the ground
into the clouds
onto a desk
and to my great pleasure


I wondered what layed behind
the billowing white clouds
where the sky is no longer blue
and the birds sail below
so I climbed a skyscraper and
it wasnt enough.

After many years of toil
I climbed into a metal ship and
left the ground behind me
in a fiery mess

Here there are no days
Here there is no system
There is only black
And the huge blue and green globe stares at me
and smiles


Today I played with marbles
and with each collision came a tragedy.
Complete worlds obliterated with
the flick of my finger against
a glassy shining surface

I put my head down to the floor
and watched a single orb slowly roll away
and inside I saw
a galaxy of stars
swirling over and over and over
until finally they exploded and
my marble turned white and blank

They always do.
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