We all know about this cab and what it sounds like, so I'm not going to wax lyrical on the specifics! Suffice to say it's in very good condition, only a few little nicks in the tolex as you can see in the photos. It comes with a fitted flightcase which cost around 200 quid and is basically new!

I acquired the cab about 2 years ago and it's been sitting around in its case pretty much unused, save for a few sessions in my studio.

The only reason I'm selling it is because I'm very poor right now and need the cash

I live in the South west of England but I travel a lot for gigs so can probably work out a meet/delivery further afield sometime - I even go over to Europe frequently if anyone over there is interested. Get in touch and we'll discuss it!




If you are interested, e-mail me at band (at)lechatnoir.org.uk - I'm thinking around 450GBP ought to do it but I'm willing to listen to offers.