Anyone who knows about Laney will know this is a highly sought-after amp which easily produces hot rodded Marshall JCM800-type tones... but with more beef and bottom end! I owned a vertical input JCM800 from 1982 and sold it when I got this, so I can testify to how good this amp sounds!

The Series 1 is reputed to sound better and be more reliable than the later Series 2.

I acquired it about half a year ago and it's been sitting in my studio since then. I occasionally need that ballsy JCM800 tone for a session, but I'm very poor right now and so I need to sell off some gear - I'm gonig to miss having this amp around, for sure!

The previous owner treated it well, it's had an input added on the front which bypasses the preamp stage in case you want to use it with an external pre. It has the usual signs of being an amp that's 20-30 years old - a little bit of rust on external screws, a few tolex tears, but nothing major and it was serviced just before I acquired it with new TAD tubes.

This amp is built like a tank and is certainly road-worthy. Sound-wise it's in tip-top working condition and ready to rock!

I live in the South west of England, so delivery is possible, but I'm also happy to ship it via courier. I will pack the amp well, but remember there is always a risk to posting things like valve amps. I will ship to Europe via a tracked service from Parcelforce!