Hi everyone. This is my first song posting here on UG. I hope to spend a good amount of time here listening to all of your music and helping out where I can. So far this place seems very cool. This song is and original instrumental that I wrote after listening to a healthy dose of Pink Floyd during a lunar eclipse. No incendiary devices were used during the course of writing this song.

Thank you for listening and I hope to see you all around this forum often!

Kevin Sage

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Mate, that was crazy loved every minute, I'm guna be writing a few tunes in the next week I'd love to get some guitar from you on one of them if you had the time.

The tune was brilliantly mixed, you've clearly had a lot of experience. I'd probably move the high hat a tiny bit closer to the centre (not much though) and maybe add a bit od dirt to the snare, but thats all I can say really though it sounds really great.
Did you do the drums and bass yourself?
I really like this track, as ive stated in my own threads im not a musician so my ability to crit. is limited, what i will say though is i would listen to that song! i can defiantly pick up on the Ffloy influence.

Good song, 4 Stars.

The fade at the was mentioned above, but i disagree, i liked the fade, the song had a nice flowing sound to it and in my opinion a fade out was the best way to round off the song