Hey, i'm going to start building my own guitar in a short while, and i've got most things sorted out, exept the general pickup and wiring issues. What i really want from this guitar is the typical guitarist dream... having everything in one, with alot of quality, and few compromises. Ofcourse some things wont be perfect, but hopefully everything will end well. Firstly, i'm going to build a completely custom guitar, with little similarity to other guitars, but the closest comparison will probably be Matt Bellamy's custom manson guitars... or "telecaster-ish shaped".

My main musical inspiration for building this guitar is Matt Bellamy's custom guitars.. (from Muse), but i'd like some of my other favorites to shine through. A bit of Hendrix, Coldplay, The Clash, Green Day and Nirvana. Many people are probably already either very doubtful or very amused by the idea of having all that in one guitar :P .. . but anyways, the pickups i'm going for are:

Neck: Fernandes Sustainer Single Coil. (pretty much for the sustainer effect, which gives cool potential)

Middle: Bare Knuckle Nailbomb (For high output lead and riffs)

Bridge: Seymour Duncan P-Rails With Triple Shot. (The P-90 for a LP Junior effect (Green Day and Clash) and the humbucker for general rock sound)

any tips or comments?
The pickup mix might be interesting but its only part of the sound equation. I'd be looking at Rosewood or Walnut body to bring out the qualities you want without going too far towards Fender or Gibson derived sounds.
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Concerning the woods, thats been an issue aswell, because i own a few les pauls atm, and i really want a lightweight guitar this time around, so was going to go for an Alder Body, and an ebony fretboard.

as far 'all in ones' go i have a cool setup for my strat. 2 knobs(took out the one closest to the strings, kept jamming my finger on it), top knob for a humbucker in the bridge position. i set that knob up with a coil tap for single coil operation as well as humbucker. the bottom knob is set up for the middle and neck pickups. this allows me to do selector tricks by turning one set of knobs all the way down or it allows me to do stuff like roll back on one volume knob and use my selector to kick it into gain/lead mode. i just make due with no tone knob, i just never used one anyway

other things to consider are compound knobs(like one knob on top of another, help consolidate space) and 2-way or 3-way switch selectors to help coil tap pickups or set up custom pickup configurations. if i were to do my strat over again i might have set up a compound knob on the bottom knob to control tone on all pickups and volume for the middle and neck pups. i would have also done the coil tap mode with a 2-way switch.
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Bare Knuckle make REALLY good pickups.
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