Two of my favorite guitarist, Greenwood and bellamy use (wah) pedals to octave their notes up. My wah is funky as hell, but sure as hell cant get me octave up. So is this a special pedal? or is it a mod to the wah?
Um, a wah doesn't change the pitch of the note you're playing, it just changes the EQ, no wah will ever increase you note by a octave.

What you need is a whammy!
ah ok,

I checked out Digitech Whammy, found the Digitech whammy 4 its 190 euros. So this I what I need?
ah way and whammy at the same time?:P Kinda impossible I think standing up.

Thnx everybody, seems I have a bad habit when reading wah where they say whammy:P
I just ordered my Digitech whammy 4