Final choice down to
American Standard 3 colour sunburst, maple neck, strat
American Standard Black, Rosewood
Originally wanted black but after seeing the sunburst, kind of leaning towards that finish.
What would your choice be?
PS I am excited!

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sunburst. with a rosewood neck. I think a sunburst strat looks so much classier than a black one.
Quote by loudog93
sunburst. with a rosewood neck. I think a sunburst strat looks so much classier than a black one.


sunburst + roswood fretboard = NICE.

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Sunburst rosewood not an option, dealer has maple model at great pre increase price.
I've got the sunburst with maple, I think it's beautiful.
But this John Mayer Relic Strat in black with rosewood fingerboard looks great too.

Of course every relic strat looks awesome.
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Sunburst any day of the week.
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Why would you do black? Most boring colour a strat can be! Totally go for sunburst.
Quote by hansolo1106
Of course every well-done relic strat looks awesome.


I'd get the sunburst. They always look great. Or an olympic white if you can find one.
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I would prefer the maple neck. How it plays and feels comes first. Color is secondary.
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Get the sunburst with a rosewood neck. You won't regret it.
Well 5 of the 12 suggestions were not for one of my 2 options, but thanks anyway. Sunburst with maple it is! Collecting tomorrow afternoon. Woohoo!