Escape: Really dig the ambience of the wah'd rhythm guitar but the lead guitar seems a bit sonically flat comparatively. The notes are awesome...perhaps just a bit more reverb would tie it all together better. Great tune. Vocals reminded me of Ween's "Mutilated Lips" in its monotone nature, which is meant as a compliment. It served the song very well. The keyboard solo section at the end was a very cool and welcomed addition. Icing on the cake.

Too much flange on the acoustic for my taste. Seems to distract from the tasteful chordal arrangement. When the piano kicks in and the acoustic backs off it takes on a distinguished and different flavor (the flange that is). Like the percussive bits and the echo. This would make an excellent soundtrack for film. I really dig soundscapes vs structured songs at times and this one reminded me of a slow drive through the countryside on a crisp fall morning. Good job!
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Hi there !
I'm very impressed by your beautiful music.
Suberb playing and arranging..this IS melancholy..those voices are brilliant..reminds me of some old Floyd stuff..which I consider the best.
Nice basslines as well in there..you deserve lots of listeners..awesome !
Keep up the good work :-)

Me ? I'm here, crit if you like it..play loud ;-)