I was at guitar center, and was playing through this Acoustic half-stack:

i liked the tone, and the power is pretty nice for the price.

anyone know anything about the quality of these amps?
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having not played them, all i know is that they are highly recomended in this here forum
Cheap, reliable and loud. Can't really go wrong with them, although they aren't the best amps on the market. They're good as a "placeholder" if you're upgrading to an epic rig.
i own the 200 watt combo and it delivers plenty of power and tone. its really mid heavy which i like and will cut through the guitars sound with ease
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I have one of their practice amps. Like earlier said, Their nice, but not top of the line, yet they won't crap out at your first performance. Like a Behringer, per say. If you're planning on upgrading to a higher quality stack, just get the B200, same thing, just a combo. You won't be able to add a 210 or 410, (I believe, at least) but it's $50 cheaper. That much easier if you are planning to, or decide to upgrade later.
It has an extension cab port (the B200), but the problem is whether it is parallel or series because the book and online descriptions are conflicting.

I like how it sounds and have pushed it and it hasn't really broke or anything, so yeah.
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^Ok, but could you even power at 410 with that? I can see a 210 being added to that, but it seems like it would be too much speaker for the amp in that.
200 can for sure run two cabs because it is 200 at (ugh I am ignorant of the actual terms, so bare with me that I am saying this wrong probably) 200 at two cabs, the draw of using one of the cabs is only 100 watts basically (err, to get the 200 watts, you have to run two cabs? At least I know for sure the head/cab version is like that. I'm not sure about the combo version).
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yeah I was impressed with the amp line really. I recently picked up the B10 Combo and it's quite nice and was on sale for $79 at GC and I even compared it to the Fender Rumble of similiar price and the acoustic sounded better and having the 10'' speaker it's got better response than the fender that had an 8'' or something. I imagine the bigger amps are good as well. Though I'd still rather have the Ampeg or Hartke stack if I was a bass player and had the $$ since I teach bass and am really a guitar player it suits my needs fine.
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