so my band is playing our first real gig in a few days.

just want to get general tips from you guys, what should we bring/do.

also interacting with the crowd, im quite charismatic, but since its our first gig no one actually knows us. how can i get them on my side?

i play heavy metal
i was find it works well if you introduce yourself to the stage as simon le bond
If it's your first gig, just keep it simple.

To get them on your side, as you said, just go out, introduce yourself, and go straight into your first song, don't mess around too much with equipment and stuff, that will turn them against you straight away.

Talk a little in between songs, but don't spend ages, just simple, "Are we all having a good time?" kind of stuff...

Oh, and make sure you are prepared, I'm sure you are all nervous as it is, you don't want to worry about being able to play the songs to add to that. Make sure you have all your equipment and get there on time for soundcheck, a good soundcheck gives you peace of mind I find.

And, have fun
Make sure your sound setup is balanced. With my old band's first gig, not doing this was disastrous.

Other than that, good luck man!
every 2 or 3 songs address the crowd, intro the next song, crack a joke. rock out. watching a band just stand there is boring (even if the music kicks ass). sometimes getting the crowd into it is as simple as showing emotion while you play.

Liquid courage also helps.
Quote by theGlitch
Liquid courage also helps.

In small amounts, yes. However, unless you can play well drunk, like I can strangely , please don't get too drunk before your first gig. It may seem like a good way to get over the nerves, but you are far more likely to screw up if you are drunk.
Also, I usually find that I can't really control what I say when I'm drunk, don't know about you, but you may end up saying something you regret through the mic...