what u thing guys. is there gonna be too much tension on the neck. i usually use 10 46s
Nope. I have em on my guitar right now. I just switched to em like 2 weeks ago and I love the difference. I play mostly in Drop D, but standard they work just fine.
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i consistently used 10-52 for standard for a good part of a year. they're not too thick at all.
No... 9's and 10's are great for standard
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Nooooo. I use them on standard. Always have.
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my strat has 10s for standard and my LP has 9s, I think they're just right if you have a longer scale length guitar.
10's are not too thick for standard.
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haha i have used 12's for standard and it actualy worked alright so im sure u will be fine with 10's
Should be fine. You'll probably want to adjust the truss rod/floating bridge (if you have one) though.
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Well, 9's are really for strats as they're really meant to be vibratoed more by the arm than a fixed bridge style guitar.

So usually, its

9's for strats and other fenders with the one way standard fender vibrato system
10's for fixed bridge or floating bridge standard tuning/drop D

and you should go up 1 guage per dropped tuning,

12's for Drop C
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SRV played 13s on his strats in standard tuning, 10s are no problem.
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