Hello, ive been playing for around 3 years with the last year focused on electric guitar.
I never really got very techinal nor speedy, just played some basic solos and improvisation. This last month ive decided to start working on developing better soloing tech and speed but im completely blocked or stuck.

To give an example
I was working with black diamond solo and i have no problem doing the first slow part of solo I, when solo II starts with an open string lick of 16th notes at 150bpm i dont also have a problem at all, i can even speed it up more and have it sound accurate. the problem is when the fast scales enters.. The notes are to fast for my fingers, they dont follow a constant beat and i just cant do it. Another example is on the paradise solo by stratovarius, easy and cool until the last part when the scales goes on at crazy speed.

I tried lowering the speed to 80 bpm and slowly build it up, but after a week of work, i just get stuck on the 125bpm barrier on those fast scales. So im looking for some input about it. Should i keep working and working at slow speeds? Must i learn how to economy pick, im only good at alt picking? Whats the trick, or an advice to follow when learning to play fast And last, any solo recommendations thats to learn speed stuff thats no as fast as stratovarius, but still fast is welcome.

I have written a blog post on this kinda thing:

How to Shred like a Pro in 3 Months

The key is to work on your dexterity, rather than your speed, it wont really work if you just try to play "fast", but if you work on dexterity you should get there.

Lack of dexterity may also be why the patterns seem a bit complicated at that speed.
Just so I don't have to make a topic of my own, i'll ask here (Btw, that site was helpful)
I have been playing for around 7-8 months, and at the moment I can't get any faster than 86 bpm. That is my top speed at playing the pentatonic scale, all notes picked (Of course I can do faster with legato and trem picking).
Is it normal to hit a speed barrier even if you are totally comfotable with what yuou are playing?
It's not like I stuff up when I go faster, I just can't move any faster. Is this normal?
I've been playing a little over a year and love soloing with the minor penatonic and the blues scale but I can't do it fast at all which would be very helpful for me to add tension and stuff. But like the guy above, it feels like I have hit a speed barrier. Any help?
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I've found out most answers for this board is PRACTICE! The more you do it, the better you'll eventually be. You'll figure it out for yourself, which is better than someone else trying to put stuff in your head to make you confused.