No bro. Looks nasty.

Like ^ He said, look in the FAQ for good starters.


The Benson Precise Electric Bass guitar package is one of the worlds best selling bass packages because of its unmatched value. It feels good, sounds good and fits the needs of any player on a budget. With its comfortable neck, solid Basewood body and classic tone, the Benson P-Bass conjures up the sound of thousands of recordings in every genre of music. Whether you are just starting or need a bass for occasional use, the Benson P-Bass is a natural choice. We have also included the punchy Benson Porta-BA bass amp in this crackin' start up package, along with all the extras for an amazing....

Thats all bull****
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nah its not all bull
its an ok bass to start with but if you get it set up properly its an ok bass all round
and btw the amps crap for bass but great for vocals
Never heard of that brand, I wouldn't trust it. Starter packs are good for beginners, I would look for one made by Squier or Ibanez, and avoid Epiphone and Dean
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The FAQ has all the info you need, but I'd say buy a bass and amp separately. Starter pack quality can be dubious sometimes, and the amps are generally garbage. It'd be worth it to get a Squier P or J, or even a VM if your budget runs that high, or an Ibanez GSR200, then get a higher quality practice amp that'll last longer