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I didn't.

I'm not even sure what a "stage kit" in Rock Band DOES.

It seems to be a smoke machine and spotlight, to make your Rock Band playing experience even more pathetic.
I can't believe they actually made that in the first place....
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It looks like a smoke machine and a light of some sort. WTF?

Looks shooped to me

It isn't shooped. I worked at a Gamestop before. Those are real.

And big, crappy pieces of failure. I can't see any reason that merits buying a smoke machine and strobe light for your xbox360.
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Stage Lights, for a game? And they don't work...

So. Much. Fail.

its a ****ing fail sandwich!!
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not hated
for everything to do with this thread.
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You mean a peripheral built for Rock Band doesn't work with a completely different game? I AM SHOCKED!
Why create stage lights for just a game? Soon people will be playing it on stage at Wembley.
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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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they have this set up with the lights and everything hooked up for the rock band room at my local lan center. pretty lame if you ask me, tho i do enjoy rock band.
This doesn't even deserve a *facepalm*. I just, I just........ I can't deal with this **** anymore! Damn you Guitar Hero and Rock Band for making a mockery of the things I love!
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Beatles Rockband

Wait, that's not what we're laughing about?
I'm going in;

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It's fine to like Rock Band, but this is way too far. Who the hell spends money on fake lights and smoke for their Xbox?
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Quote by crazy8rgood

That's what it does, apparently, makes smoke and flashy lights.

You know, so people can get even more involved in a game that won't lead them anywhere.

Man Priest kicks assss.
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rock band nerds...


cause i dont like you

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Dear god why.
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Dude i bought these and they are lots and lots of fun!! ROCKBAND FTW!!!!!!!1
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