Hi guys, this is my first time posting in the acoustic section, and I have a situation I need help with; around Christmas time I should hopefully be upgrading my current acoustic (a Lori from the 70s...it's a really cheapo guitar if you've never heard of the brand), and I'm admittedly not super knowledgeable on acoustic guitars. So here's some information for you:

Genre: When I play acoustic, I do loads of alternative music and folk rock. Bands I'm influenced by include: Radiohead, Brand New, Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Death Cab for Cutie, Circa Survive, Jeff Buckley, Portugal. The Man, The Smiths, Wilco, etc.

Style: I mainly play with a pick, but I do finger pick quite a lot as of late, although my finger picking technique is quite half-assed; it's sort of like a Clawhammer style technique (I only use my thumb, index and middle finger) and I like strumming with my thumb and fingernails.

Sound: I want something that's very clear and punchy; chords ring out super clear now matter how loud or soft I'm strumming. I'm not after super bright, but I'm not after something muddy either; I want a warm and punchy low end that doesn't the fundamental sound. For more of an idea of my sound, look at my influences. I also love alternate tunings like DADGAD, Open G, Open D, and Open C Major.

Budget: Under $1,000 USD. I'm open to all brands since I've only played Martins (which I liked, but it was a 12 string, and I'm after a 6 string). I don't own an acoustic amp or anything, so acoustic-electrics aren't of major interest to me.

Thanks again for reading my post, and I hope you guys can help me!

- Dan
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My advice to you is go head to a guitar store and play as many as you can, the right one will just sound and feel different. I am of the belief the your guitar will choose you.

FWIW: If you like Martins, plan a trip to the Martin factory/museum in Nazareth, PA. and take the tour. I am planning on doing it myself.
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Martin and Taylor are the two brands that I'm most familiar with. I've been meaning to take a trip to the martin factory; don't they let you test out a lot of guitars there?
go to stores like mandolin bros and as many guitar centers as you can get to and play EVERYTHING in every price range. you'll begin to find what you do and don't like as you play more of 'em. make sure and play guitars above your price range, too - that way you can compare the ones you like to better ones and see which ones stand up.
I've played primarily Dreadnought style guitars in the past (I know that much), and if I do acoustic stuff it's either writing, coming up with background layers for a song, or doing solo singer/songwriter stuff, so I kind of need it to fill all those needs.

There's a pretty good music store not far from where I'm at currently; I'll probably take a trip down there.

edit: I don't know if I've overlooked this, but I do need a guitar than can handle alternate tunings. I write stuff in a variety of tunings, and my current acoustic can only really handle standard without giving me nasty buzzing, so are there any acoustics out there that excel at handle alternate tunings in addition to standard?
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With a budget of $1000, I would personally find a Taylor 300 series or a Seagull Artist Series...