So today was a bad day for me and my guitar...
As normal, I turned on my amp, plugged in my pedal and plugged my guitar into my pedal. No sound came forth...
Now my pedal is a digitech RP200 which has been awesome up until now. I have tried all the usual suspects, resetting the pedal, checking all the connections and volume dials etc etc and still nothing, one thing i have noticed was that I could still get sound from the drum machine on the pedal, however it was really quiet when it was on.
This leads me to believe that it has something to do with the input jack on the pedal. Could it be that I have burnt out my pedal or something simpler (thats what I am hoping for...)
Anyway any words of advice or a solution besides getting a new pedal?
is it battery powered? may be the batt dying...

Otherwise i'd say it just flat out is dying
no its plugged into an outlet....
i had that suspicion that it was dying....i was just hoping that it was something i could fix...
try a different outlet
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alright so there is no burning or smoke and i tried another outlet with the same results...
any other ideas?