I was wondering how some people have handled parents getting a divorce...

I'm 20 years old and in college but the reason they're splitting is because of money, and neither have enough to live alone. I feel like I'm overreacting but i dunno.
how is a big divorce gna help with money problems?
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Parents divorced in 8th grade while I was out of town.

Pretty much, remember that it's not your fault, that they're grown ups making grown up decisions, and care about both of them the same. You don't have to like both, just wish that they'd make it on their own.
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my parents broke up shortly after I left the house at 18. I was blaming on myself, because I didn't leave on the greatest note. But, I guess they were fighting a lot when I wasn't home.

But, that kinda stuff happens.
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It can affect you at any time, I know it sucks but you'll be ok in the end. I cant actually remember ever having a full family unit haha so I cant say much, but you will honestly be ok
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You should talk to both of them, try and get them to give each other another chance and tell them that they will be worse off financially if they do divorce.
The money problem is my dad isn't getting enough work and he hasn't bothered to look for a job, meanwhile my moms working 2 minimum wage jobs 60+ hours a week to pay for the bills while my dad just spends his money.

My mom is also getting $10,000 because my grandpa (her dad) died a month ago and left her the money. She's refusing to put it towards anything except my schooling (which neither my dad nor i can argue with)
I think it still counts as a divorce if my dad died when i was 3.

Good luck
I'm encouraging my parents to divorce, all they do is argue and neither one is happy.

I'm 18 btw.
i kinda get how you feel. my parents have always been together, but just lately things havent been going well between them, and i worry that theyre goona get a divorce. i really dont know how i'll deal with that, but i guess they'll make their own decisions in life... *sigh*
I swear my parent's are like Hank + Peggy only if they fought a lot and did drugs haha.

Part of me knows its for the best...but the hard part is being comfortable knowing its best.

And not to ride on the coattails of anyone else's misfortune but it does help knowing that it's happened to people at similar ages as me.
My dad just walked out aound when I finished 3rd grade. It's not bad.
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I think it still counts as a divorce if my dad died when i was 3.

Good luck

Damn dude, that must b terrible.
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my parents divorced when i was 14. it's not as bad as hollywood makes it out to be. things get back to normal pretty soon after it happens. you see your parents just as much, they're just in different houses. if your parents have a bit of money, you can expect them to "compete" for you love. that happened to a friend of mine, they kept buying him crap just for the hell of it
My parents divorced about a year ago.
It was great to get rid of my father, I hated him pretty much.
The divorce was nothing special, I didn't feel sad or anything.
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