Hey guys, just wrote a piece up. Nothing special, a little two minute job, but I kind of like it. Most of my lyrics are in a death metal JFAC tone, but this one here, is almsost a Cradle Of Filth Nymphetamine tone.

Her affinity
Is a kiss from divinity itself
You reach farther,
to become closer.
Only to realize, your failure is inevitable

It is impossible
To achieve anything
When your mind is set to one thing
Divinity, is nothing, compared to her, affinity

Divine beauty, at it’s peak
But you are not what it seeks,
Sad is it may be
As your hopes, and desires bleed
Rest in piece, for you have no reason
And there is nothing left for you, only
Her affinity

It has deep meaning, whether you find it or not. And the first letter on the last five lines aren't an accident. Any crits would be good, im just mainly wondering if I should keep or toss.
RIP Terje (Valfar) Bakken