so i bought a p bass a while back and everything on it works great but i didnt really know much about bass when i bought it and the guy who owned the store i bought it from was kind of a crook. so any tell tale signs it's a fake? I'll put some pics up soon, but any way i can tell for sure? or can you direct me to a site where i can enter the numbers on the headstock and it can tell me for sure that it is a legit p bass?
Serial number?
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Search for Fender Serial Numbers on google and there are sites who will tell you if it's fake if you decode the serial on it.

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based on serial #

Guitar Info:
Your guitar was made at the
Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico
in the Year(s): 1993 - 1994
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Best way is to put them on Photobucket (or Flickr/Picasa/wherever), and link them to your post, using the code. They'll be imbedded, and appear whenever the thread is viewed. As if by magic.
Or you can add it as an attachment.
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yeah i dont have a photobucket and when i try to post them it says they're too big. anyone know how i can get the pics smaller on my computer?
Here's the issue. The serial number is legit. But it may be sum of parts, some of which may not be original fender. I have seen cases where some less than scrupulous individuals who have take Fender necks and bolted them on non-Fender manufactured body.
at this price level, i don't think it matters. if it plays and sounds good, it is what it is.
a used MIM is worth between $200 and $300. if you paid more than that, sorry.