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Hey there, when I was younger me, my brother, and two of our good friends got together and formed a band. We were all in our late twenties.

Well, time progressed and so did our band. We started recording songs and they sounded pretty good, we were hoping to continue doing this for years to come.

Unfortunately, we ran into some problems and the band eventually gave way and we broke up. Time went on.

Just recently, though, one of the members (bass player) called us all up and asked if we wanted to try it again. All of us were pretty skeptical, but we agreed and so far things have not been going as smoothly as we'd hoped. We are still, though, coming up with new stuff and making changes to our old songs and it sounds really nice, (To us at least) but we're just not sure if it's worth continuing as it takes up a lot of our time and we all have our own families.

As I said, a lot of time has passed and we're all in our mid to late 40's now. (Yes, I know that's pretty old to be STARTING a band.)

So I'll let you guys be the judges, I put one of our songs in my profile and I'd like for you guys to decide whether it's worth the time and effort to give this whole band thing another go.

Btw, we're all highly influenced by my personal favorite band, The Beatles.

None of our songs were studio recorded, so bear with the quality. Also, this is one of many songs that we wrote, we also had a CD made with some of our favorites. (Just for personal use, not to market or anything)

Lead Vocals - Me
Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals - My brother (We only had one guitarist)
Bassist - Friend
Drummer - Friend
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well why shouldnt you start a group. i mean if your just doing it for fun why not.