I've got an older Peavey that I wanted to update.
I got a loaded pickguard with Vintage Noiseless pickups, switch, and pots.
I thought it would be plug and play....but no.
The original pots on the Peavey (A500) are about 5/8" diameter.
The newer pots are CTS 9912, and about 7/8" diameter.
One of the CTS pots (the volume one) is causing an interferance fit in the cavity of the Peavey...the loaded pickguard just won't fit.
I'm thinking about just exchanging the two pots, but I don't know if that will cause an issue.
I tried to look up the specs for comparison, but no luck.
I've got the government right where they want me.
The only difference is the diameter of the shaft, assuming that they're both 500K audio taper.

If you want to make the new pot fit, sand a tiny amount out of the control cavity. Or, just swap the pots over.. it won't make a difference.