Hi, I've been trying to tab by ear but all I have right now is windows media player which isn't very conveniant for replaying certain parts and stuff. Does anyone know of a program thats free and lets you do that?
Windows media can do it. i did it all the time when i was like... 8
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Pretty sure WMP can do that.


View>Enhancements>Play Speed Settings.



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This. It can do it without changing pitch, too.
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you could also get the amazing slow downer, it helps much, google it or something it has a free trial

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you could also get the amazing slow downer, it helps much, google it or something it has a free trial

This program is the win
wmp lowers the pitch, too. so it wont be very good for tabbing.
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Oh no wait, it just slows down your computer.

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Really? how man, I was trying to do this a couple days ago, couldnt figure it out.
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both audactiy and quicktime can slow down audio without changing the pitch.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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