I've played guitar for about seven months. Today my little brother got a piano that he will never use. I was interested in teaching myself a little. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to start.
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press a key, make a noise. If you like it, buy a teacher. If that's too much to ask you might should look up some adult piano methods which ought to give you a place to start.
Well, learn the notes, first.
Learn how to read sheet music.
Learn songs based on sheet music.

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If you want to play classical music or something, you should probably get a teacher. But if you're like me and mostly just want to play pop songs and stuff, a teacher isn't really necessary assuming you understand some basic music theory and have a "good ear" (I hate that expression). You can usually figure it out yourself. It helps to get an idea of some common patterns used in different styles (for example, a lot of Beatles songs have octaves in the bass and chords or arpeggios with the right hand). There are lots of tutorials for popular songs on Youtube, which helped me a lot.