So me and a couple of really tight friends have decided to start a band. We have drums(beginner to moderate experience), Bass (I play pretty well), Saxophone (Beginner to moderate), and a girl singer who can also play clarinet. What are some possible music genres to play. We have talked about transcribing guitar parts to sax (metallica and stuff), but I dont think it will really work. I talked about jazz and reggae, but they dont seem to keen on those. Any songs or generes that you guys can think of will be appreciated.
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Can you imagin enter sandman or master of puppets on sax? That would be amazing.

What kind of sax? Alto? Tenor?
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great style, you can include metal into it, for example, gary moore
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Don't know how you would deal with the singing, but I was listening to this song and this thread made me think how good it would sound with sax and clarinet :


But seriously, with this kind of setup, you could try some punk/ska, don't know too much about it so couldn't suggest anything there.

I wouldn't suggest playing metal pieces if don't even have a guitarist, it will probably sound too weird, you could try it

Everyone loves rearrangements of old 80's pop hits though, Never Gonna Give You Up or Take On Me, anyone?

Over the summer I tried to get a band going with two trumpets and a trombone (plus the other essential rock members) and we made only one song in three months. So we trimmed down to 2 guitars, bass, drums and trumpet/keyboard

Unless you plan on playing ska or are classically or jazz trained musicians you really cant go very far from jamming. Find Key rock members first, especially if you want to play Metallica.
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Thanks guys. I honestly dont know what kind of sax it is and the skill of our singer. Were having first "official" practice sunday so I guess well see then.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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Start jamming, for long periods of time, and I think the music you want to play will come out. Depending on the bands influences it may become blues or jazz, or just fun experimental.
Our sax player just commadeered a violin.....Im thinking kamelot! Itll probably take a long time for him to be able to learn it though right?
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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