Ok. I'm asking for my friend who does not have internet at the moment, so here it is.

It's his birthday coming up in about a month. He wants a new bass amp. he mostly plays Metallica, and RHCP. He is willing to go used, and is looking at a price range of about 300-450$ CAN.

He currently uses a little first act POS. Please help needs distortion, or needs to take pedals well
he does, he does, but he could give his parents money, so the budget could get pushed to around 500-600
I just bought a Rocktron Rampage Bass 100 and am completely thrilled with it. It was $350+tax.
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You'd get a decent tone out of it, and he's not kidding when he says it's loud. I'm not the biggest fan of yorkville, but they're dependable and a lot of people like them.

Says the input is broken, but apparently it can still be used as an extension cab. hartke 410

Having a combo might seem like it sucks, but you'll get a good sound anda good volume out of it for sure.