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Am I the only one here who periodically gets rid of their calluses on their fretting hand? It's a really liberating feeling, and so long as you don't take off too deep of a layer of skin it doesn't hurt when you play at all.
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Why would you get rid of them?

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I didn't even know you could remove them.
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why they make it hurt less when u play bends
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Pfft, you all with your big shredding solos. I just play pinch harmonics, then play the same note again without a pinch harmonic. Everyone is like "teh fook?!".
No, mine come off sometimes, usually as a result of a playing binge I get on that leaves my fingers with shredded skin hanging off. Happens periodically.
I try to keep my callouses minimal by washing dishes in extra hot water and using a dab of lotion every once in a while. I like to be able to feel where I am on the string/ frets with my left hand.
I leave mine well alone, I need those the way they are
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My calluses are thin enough that they don't bother me at all. Back when I was playing several hours a day, though, I almost wanted to pick at them.
i love them. the thicker the better. after an hour or so of playing my finger tips will start to hurt, so i love my calluses. my fingers hurt more in the summer, i think because it's humid here and my hands get sweatier. in the winter my hands are dry and i can play for hours.
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I try to keep my calluses hard as ****.. I can't even feel with my fingertips on either hand (finger picking), and I love it. Makes playing way easier, why get rid of them?
Sometimes when my calluses begin to wear and generally get ****ed up, I will file them with thsoe Ped Egg things. Just so it doesn't get damaged further... but I don't mind calluses so much. Plus, they're an entertaining party trick... If you use them to put out fire, it's really fun.

Maybe my friends are just simple minded.... Wait....

But I have heard that Joe Satriani and some others will literally keep their skin together with super glue and duct tape. That's just what I hear though, so don't quote me.
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Quote by Absent Mind
Why would you get rid of them?

yea... like personaly i just have extremely thick pads on my finger tips, i dont see how i could pull it off without a great deal of pain... lol
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Why would you get rid of them?

Thats the only thing that crosses my mind
I did it too much, now the bone in my fingers are sticking out which gives me a really boney tone when I'm playing.
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I'm working on getting rid of mine.

aww man dont post that crap here. it makes me sick.
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aww man dont post that crap here. it makes me sick.

aw man don't quote that crap it's bad enough to see it once!
Hell no. I worked long and hard to build up my callouses, no way am I going to take them off. I dont wanna go back to having the pain I felt in my fingers while running up and down the fretboard before I developed them. Makes it soooo much easier to play with callouses.
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I dont even get them anymore, but when i did i picked at them by habit, just keep on playing and pretty soon you wont have to worry about them.
I tend to nibble at mine, for the sake of tidying them up, but I've been a nail biter all my life... Just reading this thread, I caught myself mid-nibble, subconsciously. What I get a kick out of is seeing several layers of callous hanging open like a little bomb went off under the fingertip somewhere. It can be like that sometimes.
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I've been playing for 5 years and I stopped getting them about a year ago (I still play as much as I used to, probably more). Now the skin looks normal, and just feels a bit thicker and tougher than my fingers on my other hand.
This whole thread just made me boke. I just leave them, **** eating them...
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^ Hah! It's not like I swallow the ****, that's what ashtrays are for. Besides, what do you do if a hunk of dead skin is hanging off and getting in the way when you're picking? Derail a jam to bust out a nail clipper and a file? Who the hell owns a nail file anyways? I have a penis, I leave things like that alone.
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My calluses are perfect, thick enough so playing doesn't make them sore and thin enough so I can still feel every fret, bend, and vibrato I do. I'd never dream of picking them off.