i have a dean razorback and its awsome but the pickups suck so i was gonna get some emg 81 81's but the heard dimebuckers were pretty awsome on razorbacks... i need some help frome someone who knows what would be better
Dimebuckers are squeal-y and more versatile than the EMG's, but if you play metal, EMG's are better IMO. But some players prefer passive over active. Go to GC and play guitars with both, and take your pick.
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Do you have a tube amp? If not, skip the actives.
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Don't get either, actives are overrated unless that's the exact sound you're looking for and there are many infinitely better passive pickups out there such as just about any set of Bare Knuckles
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What came with it originally? My dean FBD ML came with the Dimebucker, and I swapped them out for an 81/60 combo, and I couldn't be happier! Id go for the EMG's if your going to be playing metal. And if you aren't neither of those pickups will be very good. Id check out a JB/59 combo maybe.
Active___ better to have good stack
Passive___ sounds better on lil amps or cranked up super squeally on a bigger set up
Depending on the amp... If you have the tubes go for the EMG 81-85 combo- it really is a classic. Did you check out Seymour Duncan Blackouts too? Those are active pups, but they bring out more of your guitars tone than the EMGs will.

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Check out the Twinblades on that site. They're the masterpiece that the Dimebuckers are modeled after.
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Yep, Wildes are excellent or listen to the samples at IronGear. Brilliant pups for a fraction of the price of most brands.
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