I know that the pit is prolly not the best place to ask this, and I know ya'll aint a bunch of mechanics, but I cant find a thread to ask this kind of question. I'm just hopeing someone can answer my question.

But I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado 1500 350cuin TBI(Throtle Body Injected) and I bought this Performance chip, it dosent look like much, but they say it works, even if it is just some kind of resistor chip. But I ordered the one for my truck, but they gave me the instructions to install in it in a EFI(electronic Fuel Injection) version of my truck.

It wants me to find the IAT Sensor and splice the chip into it. But I dont have one of those, I have a oxygen sensor, and a MAF. So does anyone have any idea on how to install this thing on my truck?

Heres the link to where I got the chip. It looks like a scam, but I know its not, the numbers are prolly wrong, but it does work.

If I put this in the wrong place, then I will delete the thread.
Possible the wrong chip... its seems odd that theres a chip for an OBD I truck
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Why don't you drive on down the the nearest Checker's or Pep Boys or local mech and ask, or maybe go a Chevy forum...just saying...
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You sir, just got scammed.
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Mabey, but I'm in an auto electric class at ACC, but I only have the class on mondays. But I've been googling this **** all freaken day, and havent got many answers.

I'm not familiar with the term OBD. Is that related to TBI? I know there has to be a way to put it on a TBI system, I mean its a EFI computer too, just not as many sensors and dosent have injectors in all cylinders, just in the throttle body.