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8 4%
30 17%
27 15%
33 18%
14 8%
28 16%
10 6%
10 6%
20 11%
Voters: 180.
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So for college, I require one more lone credit hour in a foreign language. I spent three years learning Spanish, and frankly, I'm tired. So, I can take a semester of a new language! Our school offers the following languages; which, to you, would be the most beneficial to begin learning?
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lol u didnt list em.

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I didn't know the nation of ; had it's own language.

EDIT: German, definetly!

You pretty much need a tutor for that, and it's a cool language to know. I wish I could say more than just a few words in it.
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stick with spanish, its hard to keep going but no point being able to just get by learn fluently THEN start French.
Chinese. When they take over the world you will glad you learned their language.

Though I have to ask, is it Mandarin or Cantonese?
Anything except french really.
German or chinese would be more fun choices.
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Though I have to ask, is it Mandarin or Cantonese?

No clue at all.
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I say Chinese since China's going to rule the world soon. Or German because it's easier and more fun.
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if you already speak english and spanish, another romance language will be really easy.

chinese is a very, very hard language to learn, especially if you have no way to practice every day.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Chinese if you want to shout "dont shoot" when they invade your pathetic capitalist pigpen
Quote by daytripper75
Chinese. When they take over the world you will glad you learned their language.

Though I have to ask, is it Mandarin or Cantonese?

Not if our pirate crew has anything to say about it!
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french. I personally think it is a very beautiful language and their culture is great. chinese is hard as hell and that is coming from personal experience.
Cantonese Chinese is fairly easy to pick up if you have a good ear for inflection. Two almost identical sounding words have vastly different meanings- like "good" (as in good boy or obedient) and "turtle". Learning Cantonese is best if you have Cantonese speaking parents or if you can spend a few weeks in Hong Kong.
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You should learn....*thinks*...Piglatin!
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Not really.
Take Spanish again. From what you've said, you're guaranteed to get your credit without going through the trouble of starting from scratch.

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Chinese because they're slowly taking over world population...

so it might come in handy in 2034.
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If you already speak Spanish I suggest French or Italian, because you'd find them easy, and because France is a beautiful country.

I would totally go on a student exchange to Portugal if I spoke it + half of south america
If you've learnt Spanish, all other Romance languages will be a bit easier to learn than others. If you don't mind that, French is a pretty good language. If not then I'd go for Japanese. It's a bit easier than Mandarin (the Chinese you think of) which is famously difficult.
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Quote by daytripper75
Chinese. When they take over the world you will glad you learned their language.

Though I have to ask, is it Mandarin or Cantonese?

thats actually what I was thinking
Do Latin and you should be able to understand 4-5 other languages slightly as well as giving you a good grounding to learn them all (if that interests you).
French and Spanish are quite alike, so French will be rather easy as soon as you get the spelling right. but please! learn how to pronounce right! I went to France last year and i didn't meet an American who could get any word to sound just a little bit like French.
It's a tough one - (mandarin) Chinese will probably be very useful in the future - latin won't, but will make you bloody good at scrabble/countdown... it really improves your understanding of english.
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