its on my profiel called disgusting breakdown intro tell me what you think
uh, wow, thats some low tuning your using, it sounded a bit meshed together, not too sure what was going on. Mabey a little bit less distortion, and up tune a couple of steps, I know low sounds heavy and cool, but theres a point where it kinda just all sounds the same.
Sorry to bag on your song so much.

But the drums where badass.
agree with both before me, higher tuning (or maybe a thicker set of strings, or both) but nice anyway, it has a nice punch
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I personally enjoyed it just the way it is , of course I'm really into bands like The Acacia Strain and Emmure (both of which play in the ballpark of Drop-A). So, if that's the sort of thing you were shooting for I think you did great.

Guess it just depends on your flavor
Dude I ****ing love it.
A lot.
Too bad you live all the way in England, cause my band would love to have you! ;D
But still, the song sounds fantastic, and I personally like how low it is.
Btw, is that drop G?
That's ****ing low.
thanks for the comments!
Its in drop G# thought i would make it low and disgusting
And the drums are electric drums i normally programme it all but it was eas yso i thought id play it myself