I really like this.

It is very reminiscent of HORSE the Band. Some of the guitar parts are goodbut could do with a littlebit of work.

The solo/outro section was really good. I enjoyed that bit the most.

Nice job 8/10
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A strange song, but I enjoyed it!

The intro with the keyboard threw me off a bit because of the constant crescendos there. The rhythm guitar didn't really fit the keyboard melody in the intro from bars 11-21 in my opinion but I imagine it to sound much better in a proper recording.

Riff from bar 35-43 was spectacular, really liked the chaotic feel to it. The transition between 43 and 45 didn't really fit to me but from 45 to the finish, I really liked it. I'm not really sure about what to criticise here. To me, the keyboard melody does get quite a bit repetitive though, is this going to be instrumental or with a vocalist? I reckon it'd go better with a vocalist.

Sorry for my terrible crit on this, I just can't find much wrong with it.

You don't have to but can you please crit mine if you have the time?

I really enjoyed that, mate. That was great.
Very unique, don't hear a lot of music that sounds like that.

Bar 45+ sounded really cool.