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Tube Screamer.

Just wondering if you can expand on that? is that based on sound, prestige or experience with both?

Could you elaborate on what puts it ahead of the Rothwell?

i'd say the rothwell pedal does it, it gives a marshally tube sound without your amp needing to be a marshall, i'm sure you'll kick ass with it.
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Hard question! Both pedals sounds awsome. Never tried a rothwell myself, but it sounds awsome in the youtube clip. What guitar sounds are you looking for?
you should add an ocd to that list i have one and its amazing


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Thanks for the suggestions guys, what I'm looking for really is versatility, i'm in to artsits like, toto and prince that have a wide variety of musical styles so I'm trying to find something that can go from subtle drive to 80s style saturation

I checked out the OCD on youtube, sounds nice and fat, real similar to the Rothwell but but being from the UK it'd probably work out cheaper to get a pedal made in this country