So I'm going to buy the Tiny Terror, which has one 16 ohm output and two 8 ohm outputs. Now, could I plug only one 8 ohm cabinet into the head and be alright? Because i'm getting a cab with a 16 ohm stereo input, and an 8 ohm mono input. So would the head be alright? And if i can't plug in one 8 ohm cabinet, would it sound terrible to use the 16 ohm stereo input? Thanks
I can't say how exactly the Tiny Terror is setup, so I can't comment on the 8 ohms business, but there should be a drawing on the back showing exactly how it can be hooked up.

As for running in 16 ohms, that will work fine, you'll just get sound out of only half the cab.
The TT can be hooked up:
16ohm output > 16ohm cab
8ohm output > 8ohm cab
2x8ohm outputs > 2x16ohm cabs

You can run your cab in either 16ohm stereo or 8ohm mono without a problem.
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