That was one of the best covers I've seen, even with no Floyd or wah.

I think at certain parts of the song, your fingers moved faster than the framerate of your camera ahaha.
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Dude that's really good!!!
The tone is beautiful, I almost couldn't tell it was you!

Great job, even without the wah or floyd, really good.

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Quote by GiBsoN939
What guitar is it?..
nice cover

It is a "unknown-brand-supercheap-guitar-imitation-of-bcrichswarlock" hahah lookl like a warlock but is like a "!pirate" version of it

The tone was made with a Digitech rp50 and my Marshall MG15 heheh if you look mi equipment is very cheap heheh is all i have :P

yeah the frame rate of the camera is slow anyway, it's a web cam.

I'll take in consideration more mid-range thanks pfor the nice replys