Well, im going to buy my Ampeg VH-140c head in a few weeks, and unfortunately i wont beable to afford a cab for it for a while.

Its a solidstate, and its stereo 140 watt head or 70 watts mono im pretty sure.

Ill be playing heavy deathmetal, dying fetus, suffocation stuff of course.

Anyways, im broke and need a good but REALLY cheap cab thats good for deathmetal.

My budget is as cheap as possible, im willing to go used. I know its ridiculous to get anything of quality at this price but im going for 100-200$ (ridiculous, i know

Thanks in advance.

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I'd be trolling craigslist for something, with that budget.
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go to some music and pawn shops
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I've got a Hartke GH412 cab that was relatively cheap, celestion equipped, extremely light, runs stereo or mono, and sounds fantastic with my solid state Peavey Transfex Pro head. If you can find yourself a used one, it is definitely worth checking out.
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Look at Peavey cabs they are ussually around 200 dollars or so, they are built to last but most of the speakers are just medicore, with your budget medicore should be your goal. But there are some hidden gems, some of the early 90's and late 80's cabs came with celestion G12k-85, also know as G12K-100, these cabs rock and will match or beat any cab in the 500 dollar used price range, look for the rough rhino style tolex, most of these came with the G12k-85's. Good Luck.
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