Hey guys, I just recently aquired a 5 string Ibanez and I was wondering if it would be ok to drop my low B string to an A. I play alot in drop tunings, and if i did that, i would have constant access to all drop tunings. Im using a standard .125-.45 gague strings. Would it affect tension too bad?
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It might be a little floppy (wait for stupid joke here) but it wont do any serious damage to your bass. I do it all the time with my five string and it's all good.
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My ibanez takes low A pretty well, considering I do no adjustments. If you're going to be in constant drop, you might as well get a heavier gauge strings and a set up.
You can do it, but you'd wanna get the heaviest gauge for that string that you can get, really. I wish I could remember what gauge I used to use for Bb. I've only recently gotten back into bass. You can do it, though. The nut is cut wide enough. You'll need to adjust the intonation, though.
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It's rather common. Also some bassists will drop both the fourth and fifth strings so you can have something like ADADG, or GCGCF, so on.