Wow...so KoRn guitarist Munky was interviewed on Altitude TV and he said that the band's ex-guitarist Head wants to rejoin the band but they refused. The interview is right here: http://www.rockonaltitude.com/?p=2534

So, of course Head has come back with a rebuttal in which he states that it is actually the other way around and the band asked him to come back.

This has the makings to be a great he said/she said drama.
OMG this is gunna be soooo intnse! i cant wait 4 there next cd, btw. wens it cmng out?

fieldy is the best guitarist evar, am i rite?

EDIT: In all seriousness/Display of decency to avoid a warning, KoRn is actually to be discussed in the Nu-Metal forum. The simple act of trying to discuss them here will result in both a closed thread and a horde of unpleasant opinions.
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I think i'll believe Korn since they got asked about it first and didn't go out and say it just because
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