A lot of people describe Nevermore as Prog/Thrash. I don't personally like the label for them, but I'm just a listener.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is Rec Thread material.

EDIT: Actually, even if it's not, you'd probably still be able to get better quality answers in there.
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Voivod is definitely a good Progressive/Thrash Metal band. Annihilator, Savatage, Forbidden and Vio-lence all have a progressive mindset when they play Thrash, so you could probably throw them into it too.
Voivod is a pretty good band
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Forbidden is a bit technical. Not many off-time riffs, but def. technical thrash.
And Voivod as mentioned above... but they were pretty experimental with their style, so they didn't just stick to thrash and prog.

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Voivod have always been shit. Avoid at all costs.

Anacrusis (early stuff is better, but less progged-up) and Coroner (later stuff is proggy-ass thrash, and great stuff) are the way to go.
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nice ill listen to those. you guys should give some songs on my profile a listen. they have been termed as proggy/thrashy
nevermore, voivod, watchtower, queensryche, atheist, dream theater(well they are influenced by metallica after all), rec thread, etc
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Watchtower played prog/thrash when Queensryche and Fates Warning were little more progressive than Iron Maiden. Get both albums.

Realm is basically Watchtower with more traditional/power influence, and Toxik does the same but a lot thrashier.

Thought Industry basically mixed AJFA-era Metallica, the post-hardcore/groove of Helmet and Prong, the weirdness of Primus and Faith No More, and some random acoustic Rush/Blue Oyster Cult worship all in one odd-thrash flurry on their debut. The follow up is heavier and more progressive, but more groove-based and probably not what you're looking for. If you consider Strapping Young Lad to be thrashy, songs like Horsepower were basically a precursor to that sound. Listen to the song "Songs for Insects" in the link.

Anacrusis is probably the most unique of all the progressive thrash bands. They almost have a sort of goth-ish sound to them with the keyboards, guitar melodies, and clean depressing vocals, but can switch on a dime to some really pissed off thrash. The entire discography is free, which gives you no excuse for procrastination.

Coroner is indeed great stuff, on Mental Vortex and beyond (a mere one and a half albums ) they experimented with some groove and ambiance, but it was them at their best and proof that thrash did not run out of ideas in 1990. In the 80's they had more of a semi-technical/almost-neo-classical shred style of thrashing, but should still appeal, especially No More Color.

End Amen's only album isn't entirely consistent, but with the guy that turned Deathrow from Kreator-worship to high-quality tech-thrash in one year, two Psychotic Waltz members, and a keyboardist you can expect some reasonably progressive thrash. Plus, that song has been playing in my head all day, so I couldn't exclude it.

Believer played potent technical-riff-fest-thrash on Sanity Obscure and Dimensions which may not earn them the term progressive alone, but they also incorporated symphony on both albums, with Dimensions closing with a twenty minute epic on the story of Jesus Christ (yes, they're a Christian band), complete with female opera vocals and string instrumentation. The epic isn't pulled off as well as one may hope, but it's still really unusual for thrash, and since the "straight-up" thrashers are kickass they need mention.

Holocaust is probably best known for their NWOBHM debut in 1981 and for Metallica covering them, but their reunion EP in 1989 was amazing experimental/progressive/post-hardcore-influence-taking thrash. Really violent yet off-the-wall and experimental stuff, like Voivod putting down the LSD for some PCP.

Voivod themselves, as mentioned above, are not entirely thrash nor entirely consistent. Just start with Killing Technology, and follow up with the next two albums. Definitely a love or hate band, but I love them.
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So far I'm loving Realm, Toxik and Watchtower.

And I already know Coroner, but never heard that song. It's awesome.

I hope I love the rest as much as the few I've begun with.
just checked out watchtower on their myspace, they blow their own trumpet way too much considering they arent better than cynic.
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Heathen (technical thrash)
Forbidden (technical thrash --progressive elements in later albums)
Mekong Delta

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Well, it sounds to me like you need to check out some Artillery, specifically the album "By Inheritance". Another amazing band that could fit in with what you want is Psychotic Waltz. They are psychedelic themed prog and on their first album, "A Social Grace" they definitely had a thrashy prog sound going on for some of the songs. I would highly recommend both of these bands.
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As a relative new-comer to the guitar world I'd just like to point out how much more interesting this thread sounded when I thought a 'Metal Muff' was some sort of chastity belt...

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