Ive been having some trouble with learning jazz. One of my biggest issues is playing key of Bb. How should I go about getting used to a different key? Im fairly new to reading music. Im fine at notes on the fretboard, and notes on the staff, but its putting the two together... that takes some work at. I have a book of jazz standards. Should I go through it even if it takes me a long time to read?
Yeah. Each piece will make you a slightly better reader. Even if it seems like you're barely reading the notes, to me it really helped.

edit: by barely reading the notes, I mean that it seems more like you read them once or twice and then memorize them rather than really read them.
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Well, to get used to the key... play in it for a few days, even better would be to compose in it. That way your comfort level is attained, and you will be happy. Reading through jazz charts aint really gonna help much in the way of getting used to keys. The only way that worked for me was to play in the key and compose in it. No matter how much I played someone elses composition, it did nothing for me (as all I did was use their chords and attempt to play the track I've never listened to).

In order to learn reading I reckon your method will work... but why not start on something simpler before you move on to the hectic stuff... For instance, you could learn to read a Rachmaninoff piece, not quite a lot of dots there to contend with. Or you could start with a Carcassi or Sor book of graded studies... now that is more attainable at first than Rachmaninoff or jazz standards...

Hope this helps