... yeah... So I'm still looking at amps, so far I've looked at the Traynor YCV50 Blue,YCS 50, Classic 30, Carvin Bellair, Nomad, B-52 ATs, Valvekings, and Blackhearts. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something here, I'm mainly looking for Something with nice cleans and a great OD for dirty blues (think Zeppelin, ACDC, Johnny Winter). It'd also be nice if with a nice OD in front of it it can get some early thrash and 80sish heavy metal type tones.
Oh yeah, 800$ is my cutoff, which is absolute, I'm really looking for 600 or below used
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was looking at that a while back, a little high in the price range, the reissues just don't seem to sound as good as i expected, and I'm having a hell of a time tracking down ANY marshall in my entire state that isn't an MG