Hey guys. Here is a work in progress I got going on. It's my first venture into the depths of tech metal.

It's currently incomplete as I don't have any lyrics as I can't write them and I am struggling to write a drum line which fits with this.

All criticisms welcome.

Will C4C

Cheers guys.
Tech metal riffs.gp5
Tech metal riffs.mid
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Sweet! Metal Gear Solidcore!

I'll check it out tomorrow and edit this post with a review. I don't have time ATM.
An alright song, but I wouldn't say this fits the description of technical metal, sure there are time signatures and all but the riffing was pretty standard to normal metal.

The riffs were a bit boring to listen to TBH, it lacked the speed and feel of technical metal but that doesn't mean they wouldn't fit in a normal metal song. Instead of having short 1 or two bar phrases, you should try making riffs that last longer than that or at least have longer spurts of straight speed to make the sound more "technical".

A drum track would have been good for this to make up for the repetitive riffs and all. The time signature changes you had seemed a bit forced IMO, the way I interpret it is that you're doing it for the sake of doing it instead of thinking through why you are changing time signatures.

To make this fit the style of technical metal more, I reckon you should make it less chuggy and have more fast paced riffs. Change the tempo to something around 200 and higher and add in time signature changes that fit to the feel and riffs. For example, if I were playing something slower than the main riff, I wouldn't use a time signature change because the slower riff might not sound as chaotic or frantic as the faster one. I'd use a time signature change on the faster riff to give it an abrupt, "evil" ending. (That made more sense in my head)

Overall, alright, didn't keep me into it for the entire song but that's partially because I thought it'd be a faster song with a drum track and all. Try listening to some technical death metal bands like Necrophagist and stuff and listen to the length of their riffs, the style, transitions, how each gesture is made etc.

Can you please crit mine?

The sig changes seemed really forced, I know that's the way I learnt odd time signatures, forcing them to get a grip of them, but it's best to wait until you can feel them before you start introducing them into songs. Otherwise, like I said, it seems really forced and doesn't have any flow.

Saying that, I thought the riff at 15-17 was pretty nifty but I didn't like the way you finished it off.

The rest of the song was very average and not something I would expect of technical metal, not that I listen to technical metal apart from Meshuggah (No genre arguments please, this isn't youtube:P). In theory tech metal sounds awesome, but in reality, it's pretty naff :P

Not an overly successful foray into the depths of tech metal, but keep trying and you can only get better!
The intro riff was cool, I liked the different stuff you threw in between riffs. The riff starting at bar 15 was cool, but i'd change the 0-3-2-0 on the low B to 0-2-1-0 if you know what I mean. I thought it sounded better... . The syncopated (is that right?) riff starting at 30 was kind of boring and it started to drag after a few repeats. The guitar played on top of it didn't succeed in making things more interesting. Try to get some more interplay between the two...

Overall it wasn't bad. Don't really see why this would be 'tech' though...


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this isn't really tech metal. it's a bit boring though. add some leads; it'll really make it a lot more exciting, and probably fit more into the category of "tech metal".

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