So I was kinda inspired to write this after I started talking to a girl that used to be very close to me again after a year of silence. It dosent have drum track, I thought I would revert back to my old method of writeing songs. Its a simple song, not ment to be too complex, but I tried to make in interesting in changing the type of distortion used in each chours, the first chours is clean, the second is OD, and the third is heavy distortion. Just so it dosent suprise yall.

I have some lyrics writtten for it, there in the discription of the song, there not much but I'm getting somewhere with it, if someone would like to help me write them it would be much appriciated.

Give me some feedback on how it sounds, like what can I improve on it.

C4C as always if you ask.

In a wierd way it reminds me of heartbeats by Clapton Jose Gonzeles etc.

Sounds really meaningful, not sure I can help with lyrics, but I'd like to hear it when you have words to it. A bit of bass might be sweet aswell
hmm too me the first part was too long and repetitive, also it sounded too awkward... there was too much contrast in volume, that's the best way i can find to describe it.

The OD and Distortion parts were ok, although there's a weird pause for like a second or two in the Distortion part that cut the flow too much and it bounced back too quickly that it just sounded...awkward?

sorry if i'm a little hard to understand lol
Sounds good , the first part would be more interesting with lyrics because now it was a bit too long.
There was too much difference in volume between the quiet parts and the louder parts maybe that will change when the vocals are added. .
Like someone said before bass and/or some drums would also add something extra to the song. But it all depends on the vocals if you will need bass or not.
The different distortions sound good and keep it interesting .

I hope that can help you .
I would really like it if you could give some crit on my songs.
Yeah, I know what yall are talking about, I didnt bother to make 3 different tracks, I just made one track and just changed my distortion as I played it. I know lazy of me. But I'll see what I can do about the pause and suddenness of the distortion part.
I really liked it dude, gave it 5 stars
Like davilazita said just get the vocals and a bit of bass in there and you'll have a great song.

care to crit the original song on my profile? It's called Quietus Est. Thanks