A little bit ago, I went to Guitar Center with my Yamaha FGX730SCA Acoustic-Electric guitar, looking for installation of a strap lock near the neck of my guitar. They said something about the positioning of the wood near the neck, and that there would not be enough room for the screw to go in, or else it could crack the neck. is this true? is there any way around this, because i really prefer playing with a strap button at the neck, instead of near the end of the guitar.
This is why there are guitar techs at music shops. They know these types of things. If you're not sure, it's generally best to take it to someone who is.
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Well, I guess it was an " expert" or someone or some knowledge, because it was an employee at Guitar Center, right?
Yeah don't be like me and split the whole side of your guitar putting in a strap button lol
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When screwing something into wood, you use a pilot hole. You first, using a drill, drill a hole just a bit smaller than the inner diameter of the screw (NOT including the threads, that is), the depth of the screw. Once you have done this, then you can install your screw. Drilling a pilot hole in a solid piece of wood before adding a screw will prevent the wood from splitting. Depending upon the size of the screw, you may want to drill a small pilot hole, and increasingly drill larger ones until you've reached the inner diameter of the screw.


Different type of screw than you'll be using, but this is an OK example. It's the body of the screw forcing its way in that will split the wood. The pilot hole makes a space for the screw's body so that there is no outward pressure on the solid wood.

Check your guitar for meat whereever you're looking to install. You'll also want to ensure the screw doesn't pass through to the outside of the guitar (I'm assuming you're placing the straplock at the base of the neck?)
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The thing is, I'm not sure if there's enough room to make a hole, or enough solid wood there.
To me, it doesn't seem like there's enough " meat". How many inches of space would you need? The part where the body and fretboard sort of meet, that one spot where the strap lock is usually installed, i guess it's the base of the neck, is sort of like, seems small. It looks like, 2-3 inches wide. I think he might have said something about 3 pieces of wood, that made it difficult, that there would not be enough space.
Depends upon the placement of the screw, and the size screw. I'd have to understand better the placement of the screw, and the guitar itself.

I'm saying take it to a guitar guy, not at GC. The guys there are normally knowlegable about gear in general, but technicalities and subtleties like this, not so much.
Find a guitar tech to do this if you are unsure, or you could really f-up your guitar.