I am taking a class in college and I have a month to play one song of my choosing. I want to do something instrumental rather than the general music you hear on the radio. It can be anything i want and I kind of want to do a Satriani song, but I'm having a hard time learning them. I'm not the most advanced player, but I want to play something melodic and not just a 3 chord punk song. What songs would you reccomend I play? Also, I'm not that great of a soloist, but want a tough enough solo so I can work harder and improve my skills overall as a player.
Neon by John Mayer

People will know who it is, it's a good song to learn because of the weird technique/chords, TOUGH
Try Bladecatcher or Pendulous Skin by Mastodon. Especially Pendulous Skin if you want melodic, but still tough. Mastodon solos are pretty angular-sounding, so that'll be something good to try.
What styles do you like to play/listen to, and what are a few songs you know now, just to get a feel for your skill range?
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I listen to about everything, but never really wanted to learn other peoples songs. I'd learn bits and pieces, but that's all. I know "Break Your Little Heart" by All Time Low and that's really it. I tend to stuff like that, but want to play something a bit more impressive.