Right, So, All day i have been thinking of this song...Fine right? No.

Problem is, I forget the song name, and the band name...but the video. I still remember that :S

K so, to the best of my knowledge, it had two singers, one male, other female (It's not the white stripes) and the female was a guest singer.

The main point i remember is that it would switch from a black background with the singers and musicians wearing white suits, then it reverses, white background with black suits, I know it's not alot, but could anyone help me out? :S
If i did, i would google the hell out of them, genre was...hmm, not sure, i know it was played on much music alot, and it was clean vocals all the way through
But thats not good enough damnit

Welp, thanks for your guys' help anyways, still on the hunt fer it.