So, noble citizens of the Pit, I discovered today that my singer and our band page got hacked. All of our recorded songs were deleted, and the hacker left me a message in my inbox. The hacker turned out to be our ex-bassist who quit the band who for some reason decided that it was a good idea to hack our page.

So...now that our songs are deleted and weren't saved to any of our computers (they were saved to mine, but I got a new computer since then.), we'll have to rerecord ALL of them...

Just thought I'd tell the pit...I need some condolences
It shouldn't be much a problem, you did write your songs down right? right?!! AMIRIGHT?
Sorry, but look at the bright side - If there was anything you didn't like about the originals, you can fix it. You can rebuild the,. You can make them better. YOu have the technology.