Well, not the brightest of questions probably, but I'm really stressed and confused about this. I've been playing piano for some time and after a 3 year hiatus I have started playing again (About 2 weeks ago) and I'm really confused about how to properly harmonize guitar with the piano. I guess you can say I already do this. My real question is this:

One thing to get accepted in the bachelor of arts program at MI is to be able to harmonize well with the piano. Does anyone know specifically what they are asking for? I mean, is it play a lead along with the piano? (I'm sure it may be in some cases) or play the X intervals for the X chords to harmonize? If anyone has any answer on different possibilities regarding this, I would appreciate it very much. I just got my information in the mail today and I have til Spring of 2011 to get this and a few other things down so it really has me stressed out.
There's many ways. You can arpeggiate the chord progression and play different variations on it. You can try block chords with bass/chord patterns. Make sure you know your inversions and which to use at the right time.
Thanks, man. So my possibilities here are endless as about everything else right? Just come up with tons of different stuff right? Compose it or take songs and be creative with it. Am I on the right track here?
Right track alright. Keep looking into different piano techniques, I haven't been playing too long so I can't really name many off the top of my head. Maybe Alberti bass patterns, but yeah, keep thinking of new stuff.
Ok, say that you are playing in C major ok? (for easy purposes) write your your scale. C D E F G A B C. Now, make a melody with which ever instrument. The most common (and best sounding imo) is to use thirds. What you do, is find what note the first instrument played, and count up a third up the scale. If you used C, play an E, if you used F, play A, etc. Other ideas are to use fifths (I heard they are boring however), sixths, and fourths. Give it a try
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