I'm new to UG but have been a member of Harmony Central and The Gear Page for a long time. I have references upon request.

I need to unload this stuff cause i'm gasing for another guitar that my friend is selling.


First up is a Epiphone Sheraton (Natural Finish). i bought from a guy over at The Gear Page and its in near perfect condition. This guitar is the nicest stock Epiphone i have ever played, Normally i take my Epi's to a shop and have them worked on but this one didn't need it, it's a very nice guitar. It comes with the nicer Epiphone plether hardcase, gold straplocks and a strap.

$450 Shipped & Paypal'd

Next is a Black Epiphone Les Paul Custom that i took to a really good shop in my town and had everything besides the wood and paint changed out. This is a top notch guitar. The pickups were replaced with pickups by "Fat-Tone" and they have a great full sound to them, comparable to Burstbuckers i'd say. All the gold hardware was changed out for chrome and the Tuners were changed out for grovers. Another cool thing about the guitar is the bridge tone knob was replaced for a kill switch, its a cool thing to play with. The frets had a re-crown and level so the guitar plays like a dream! All the wiring and pots were changed out since Epiphone stuff craps out all the time. It comes with a Hardcase and Straplocks.

$450 Shipped & Paypal'd

The upgrade cost me $350 so considering stock Epi LP Customs are going on craigslist for $300, this is a good deal.


Boss DD-5 with Tap Tempo Pedal. Has some scratches on pedal but in 100% working order.

$90 shipped & Paypal'd